2016 Orange County Bond Referendum

This November, Orange County voters will have the opportunity to change the lives of 160 local families. By voting yes on the $5 million dollar bond for affordable housing, voters can help families achieve residential stability. This step has numerous positive effects downstream for individuals and their families.

Affordable housing is one of the primary issues in Orange County, with 35% of Orange County renters paying more than 50% of their income on rent. Housing is considered affordable when it costs 30% or less of residents’ monthly income. This disparity demonstrates that, right now, Orange County is not doing well at meeting the needs of our most vulnerable populations. With housing costs so high, families must choose between basic needs such as quality food, education, and healthcare. When housing needs are met, research has shown that overall human health improves along with children’s school performance.

A nominal property tax increase for homeowners in Orange County will raise an unprecedented $5 million in county funds for affordable housing projects. This will likely result in 160 new affordable homes and rentals units.

The $5 million dollar bond for affordable housing is paired with a $120 million bond for the county’s local school districts. Housing coalition members believe that housing and education are interdependent.

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