Coalition affiliate, Community Home Trust, responds to INDY week

A coherent plan

The $5 million affordable housing bond in Orange County is well planned, and is a value for every county resident. The Indy’s lack of endorsement for this bond was short-sighted and harmful to those in need of housing in our community.

State and federal financial support for affordable housing have decreased more than 50% in recent years. In order to thrive as a community we must invest in diversity and our housing stock.

There is a solid and worthwhile plan for how this money will be spent. It will be divided among the agencies that provide affordable housing for thousands of people in our county. Our housing organizations operate with low overhead and under strict local governmental regulations. 

This is not a proposal without a coherent plan. I urge the Indy readers to vote in favor of Orange County’s Housing Bond so that our neighborhoods will continue to be home to everyone who wants to work and live in our vibrant county.

Jennifer Ferris

Board President, Community Home Trust

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