1,065 New & Affordable Homes in Orange County

The 5 million Bond will support the county’s overall goal of building 1000 units in the next 5 years, but will not be the sole source of funding to make this goal possible. The Bond is vital to enabling our community to reach this goal!

The Orange County Affordable Housing Coalition has a plan: Read the Plan


Chapel Hill has a Plan

Carrboro has a Plan:  Read the Plan

Orange County has a Plan: 
The Affordable Housing Strategic Plan

From the County Commissioners on Oct 21st: “The Affordable Housing Strategic Plan offers a broad, long-term approach to affordable housing in the county.  It includes more than 30 recommendations, ranging from how land-use policies may need to be modified to advance affordable housing development to the use of county-owned land for affordable housing purposes, to how different housing agencies relate to and work with one another.  Due to its comprehensive and long-range nature, the Plan will be approved and implemented in stages.”   We can expect portions of the plan to be solidified and formally released as early as Nov, 1.


One thought on “1,065 New & Affordable Homes in Orange County

  1. It has been a long time coming for Carrboro. There is not enough housing for people with section 8 holders. Carrboro and Chapel Hill are geared towards the students and not equally to regular citizens. The companies that do accept section 8 the tenants are stuck there if their family grows, because there aren’t any properties available. This causes a lot of frustration. When GSC properties evicted all tenants with section 8 included 7 properties in Chapel Hill and Carrboro left tenants trying to find places to live outside of the area. This also left some people homeless, trying to figure out how to get to work and school. Chapel Hill and Carrboro Communities should be for everyone. Normal citizens need places to live as well as students. Properties that don’t accept section 8 are so expensive and limited square footage it doesn’t accommodate larger families. Not to mention washer dryer hookups for disabled people who can’t carry their laundry to laundry mats on site and off the property. I am glad something is being done.

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