1 Yes: Stories of Affordable Housing

Steven received a letter in response to his application for a Housing Choice Voucher. He was so nervous that he had his Advocate open the letter for him. The whole CEF lobby cheered when they read his acceptance letter! Steven describes it as surreal, “Pinch me to make sure I’m in the right century because it’s hard to believe this is actually moving forward!”

Now, having secured a multi-year lease in a comfortable basement apartment, Steven is settling into a new sense of security. “I don’t have to be concerned with where I am going to be anymore…where I’m going to lay my head.”

“As a single woman in my late 20’s, buying my own home in Carrboro was only possible because of Community Home Trust. Owning my home gave me the financial confidence to return to school!”

Mary has been a Community Home Trust homeowner since 2006. Recently, she shared her story with us. Mary expressed her initial dismay at the realization of home costs in the area but revealed that buying through Community Home Trust opened a door to a greater future.

“I never thought I would have the opportunity to build my own home,” said Tiffany. “The day they told me I was accepted, I almost couldn’t believe it. It was like winning the lottery.”

Tiffany and her three children have since moved into their Habitat home and their lives have dramatically improved. “I have my own room, and a special place where I do my homework,” said seven-year-old Malic. “I love coming home every day!”

Michael and his four-year-old daughter Noah moved into their new home after a period of living with family members. Empowerment Inc. acquired the home as part of the 2016 Orange County Affordable Housing Bond!

Michael had been a long-time resident of the Northside, and can now afford to live in the historic neighborhood once again.

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