2021 Candidate Questionnaires

Note: All registered candidates were given an opportunity to fill out the 2021 OCAHC General Municipal Elections Questionnaire. Any responses that were received can be found below. If you believe an error has been made, please email ochousingcoalition@gmail.com.

Chapel Hill Mayor

Zachary Boyce

Hongbin Gu

Pam Hemminger

Chapel Hill Town Council

Camille Berry

Paris Miller-Foushee

Adam Searing

Karen Stegman

Carrboro Mayor

Damon Seils

Carrboro Town Council

Barbara Foushee

Jacquelyn Gist

Randee Haven-O’Donnell

Aja Kelleher

Danny Nowell

Hillsborough Mayor

Jennifer Weaver

Hillsborough Town Council

Kathleen Ferguson

Anna Linvill