The Orange County Affordable Housing Coalition supports the creation of both for sale and rental housing units that are accessible to public transit and services. The coalition prioritizes creating housing options for extremely low-income residents.

Advocacy Goals: 

  • Create housing at all affordable price points (up to 80% AMI), prioritizing creative options for residents earning <30% AMI
  • Preserve existing affordable housing including mobile homes
  • Center voices of people with lived experience in obtaining affordable housingĀ 
  • Urge local governments to collaborate with each other and non-profit partners to adopt policies that support housing affordability
  • Increase government, corporate , and philanthropic funding for housing that addresses the growing crisis of affordability
  • Increase the number of landlords who accept housing choice vouchers and similar programs

Policy Actions:

  • Maximize the number of on-site affordable units in new residential developments, including implementing, maintaining and strengthening inclusionary zoning ordinances and creating incentives for rental developers
  • Advocate for Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and Hillsborough to develop incentives for landlords to accept housing choice vouchers and similar programs
  • Promote affordable housing as the best use of suitable publicly-owned land
  • Ensure local governments dedicate tax revenues to support affordable housing
  • Enact systemic solutions for residents struggling to afford rising property taxes in historically Black and low-wealth neighborhoods 
  • Streamline approval processes for affordable housing projects