This page contains the list of questions that were asked at the OCAHC 2018 Summit. We are currently working among jurisdictions and affordable housing providers to provide you with the most accurate answers to these questions. This page will be updated when possible to reflect the answers to these questions.

What housing options are being planned for individuals receiving basic SSI income (735/month)?

What about the lower income folks like the people who earn $7.50/hour and cannot afford more?

What is your example of an affordable wage?

What about criminal background as a barrier?

Can we break out the students from data?

How do we mitigate the impacts of student rental housing on both NOAH renters and owner-occupied houses?

Where do low-income students (without family support) fit into the conversation? How do they calculate AMI?

Where do students (UNC – undergrad/grad/professors) fit in this conversation? Many fit into the “affordable” category and have unique needs

HOA covenants – How are other communities changing?

How can Orange County assist homeowners to get approval for “backyard” auxiliary units? Code, plumbing.

Have y’all considered including seniors living in long-term care subsidized by Medicare?

Are RSI homes included in affordable units count?

What are the primary concerns of neighborhoods that don’t want affordable homes and what can be done to mitigate those concerns?

Who are those “other” developers? Is there a complete list that can be found?

Why are the numbers for Durham so low?

How many households will move into the pool of those needing housing support over the next 5 years? (as result of the continuous increase of cost of living)

How will anticipated increase in county taxes change the numbers presented?

For those in need – what is the/a cohesive entry point for affordable rentals?

Are there any options to pressure landlords into accepting vouchers?

What are the obstacles to/ reasons for landlords not taking vouchers?

Why don’t landlords want to accept vouchers? What problems? Hate pay by the government? Why?

Homeless preference – why not open up MCU list to all eligible income and then prioritize homeless? Summer 2017 was only open to homeless households

What is the public housing redevelopment plan?

How do we help people move out of poverty through our programs?

Can affordable housing requirements for developers be written into local ordinances?

Can this presentation be accessed online?
Yes! Our presentation can be found at http://www.orangehousing.org/summit2017/

Are there communities/cities in the US that have significantly reduced such a large affordable housing gap?

If all Triangle governments are wrestling with similar problems, how could we work together towards a regional approach?

What’s the plan to address undocumented families that are extremely low-income to help them find affordable housing? Habitat doesn’t allow undocumented families to apply. Families with citizens children

What specific steps, if any, has the OC Affordable Housing Coalition does to ensure undocumented immigrants have an opportunity to participate in this idea of affordable housing? Ex: Habitat no longer accepts families w/o a social security number

How do undocumented residents fit into this pictures? Access to HC vouchers? Access to the 400 units planned in the next 5 years, or the additional 11 million needed?

Last Updated June 27, 2018