About Us

About Us

The Orange County Affordable Housing Coalition (OCAHC) is an association of non-profit housing developers, service providers, advocacy groups, and local government partners working together to provide housing opportunities for all in Orange County, North Carolina. OCAHC was established by a small group of housing providers in 2013 to focus on the needs and opportunities for increasing housing affordability in Orange County and to foster communication and collaboration among housing agencies and advocates. With over 50 active members today, the coalition has expanded to meet the growing need of housing in the Orange County.

Our Mission

Our mission is to advocate for the creation and preservation of safe, dignified, affordable housing in Orange County.

Our Vision

We envision an abundance and variety of housing available to all who desire to live and thrive in Orange County.

Our Values

As a coalition, we advocate with these values at the forefront as we carry out our mission and work toward our vision: